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Poljot: Ostankino Tower

I am always liking little Russian watches where not many people are aware of. And here's the timepiece I think worth sharing with the world.

Here you see an unusual Poljot watch with 2614.2H caliber. While the dial doesn't contain any wordings to tell what it actually means, I was told by the seller that the watch was issued to commemorate the Ostankino Tower, however the exact year of when this watch was made is still unknown.

There you go -

I love how the dial is designed, the Star hitting 12 o'clock position makes me imagine how tall the Ostankino Tower is, and circular lines as TV / Radio signals broadcasting to the whole city while the second hand keeps running to radiate!
As always, if you want to know more about this once world tallest tower than I do, read -

And just in case you are lazy to click on the Wikipedia link, the short description about Ostankino tower -

Ostankino Tower (Russian: Останкинская телебашня, Ostanki…

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